Learn why you are as you are.

Where are you going?

When are the best times?

How do I get there?

Your significant others.

Money, career choices.

Your year ahead

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Life Coaching



Spiritual growth

Get out of the rut you are in

Increase self-esteem and happiness

Gain focus


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A look into the unconscious

What’s going on behind the scene?

How do you really feel?

What’s coming next?

Gain insight to make better decisions

Possible outcomes


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 Why have an astrology reading?

If you are interested in self awareness and growth there is no quicker or better tool to get to the heart of who you are now and who you are striving to be. Astrology tells a story from the soul's perspective. Your natal birth chart is a snapshot of the position of the planets in relationship to you as you drew your first breath. It reflects the quality of a moment with all the potentialities as well as the challenges inherent in a particular moment in time. YOU are an outgrowth of that moment and you bear its signature. The potentialities are yours as are the challenges. An astrological reading can bring these into focus and shine a light into the darkness making it possible to use the energies rather than be used by them.

As a timing device there is nothing better. Want to know when to begin something new, when to hold steady and when to push the limits and grow? An astrological reading reveals best timing. Why? Astrology IS the study of cycles. There are predictable patterns of unfolding events and inner psychological growth. Astrology has stood the test of time because it is effective, it works.


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