Saturn and the Ring Pass Not

Ruin is the road to transformation. When things fall apart, space is made for something new to grow. The old must break down in order for the new to grow. In the Tarot, the death card signals the end of something. Generally we are afraid of endings because there is comfort in familiarity. Even when we are choking with the sameness, resistance rises when letting go is demanded. Courage is required.

If it’s true the only constant is change, why do we so fear it? The unknown is terrifying; thus, we may choose to stay in unhappiness rather than leaping into the unknown. When was the last time you took a chance? Can you identify areas in your life you allow fear to control you? What about your social life? Are you inclined to grab hold of opportunity and try something new, potentially adding a dimension of fun to your life? Or do you shrink away in fear? It’s true things may not work out the way you would envision; however, is it possible the universe has a better plan for you? The wonder of astrology is its ability to point a finger in the direction of change.

The planet Saturn is a tough taskmaster. His business is to hold your feet to the fire until a level of success is achieved. After 28 plus years, Saturn has returned to its natural domicile of Capricorn. We all have Capricorn in us as we do Saturn. The distinguishing difference between you and everyone else is the area in life Saturn is going to require you to dance with him.

Could be physical, how’s your health? Are you taking proper care of the amazing body you’ve been given? If you are treating it well, all may be right in the world of physicality. But, if you are misusing it…Saturn will makes his presence known. Aches, pains, things, will pop up in unmistakeable ways.

How are your relationships? Are you relating authentically or are you streamlining yourself to fit a required mold? If it’s the latter, Saturn may provoke opportunity to end this behavior. While the direction Saturn wishes to take you is for your highest good, the getting there can be challenging.

Your  work, how’s that going? This next 2 1/2 years offers the opportunity to do the work required to advance your cause. Work hard. Do not shirk what is yours to do. If you keep your nose to the grindstone in the work arena, you will be rewarded. Do not though, and loss can result. Saturn reconciles and he does so through pressure. He always has your best interest at heart even when you just can’t stand one more minute of it.

Although I talk of Saturn as a being, it simplifies what is really an archetype. The archetype is universal. He is Father Time. The rings represent the playpen that contain us while we fall over and over while skinning our knees. This archetype demands we learn. Saturn’s domain. Learn, build, construct, stabilize. All those #4 type issues. Control, consolidate, solidify. Are you feeling the nature of Saturn? We are all Saturnian to different degrees. Your bones, teeth, skin, cartilage..all the solid materials of which we are built are in Saturn’s domain. Get your yearly physical, see your dentist, make sure all is in proper working condition. If not, take the steps necessary to restore or to treat any underlying issues. Again, do whatever work is required and you will benefit.

We are at the start of an amazingly opportunistic time. The next 2 1/2 years contain the promise of reward in whatever area of life Saturn is influencing. Use this time wisely. To learn more about your own dance with Saturn, ask me.