The Benefits of Vision Boarding


In a word, clarity.

How do you get where you wish to go if you are not clear on where this is? The start of a new year is a wonderful time to reflect on your dreams and aspirations. It is worth the time and space to do this too. Being busy can get in the way of really knowing what it is you want.

Do you find yourself closing out a year but falling short of the expectations you set at the start of it? Could busyness have gotten in the way? What about the identification of a clear path? What I’ve frequently discovered when working with people is it is commonplace to have a fogginess in identifying what is wanted. Lose 10 pounds; yes, concrete. Exercise more, again concrete. What about those big life enhancing desires though?

Travel more. OK, sounds concrete. However, the world is a big place. How do you pin down specifically the where of it? The when of it? The how of it? Without squelching spontaneity of course. There are those for whom spontaneous living comes easily. And then there are those for whom it does not. Commitments, challenges, work, family..all have the potential to influence our choices. How do you find satisfaction while maneuvering life in the 21st century?


Vision Boarding. Have you ever taken the time to visualize life in abundance? While paging through a magazine, cut out a picture representative of your hearts desire. Words that resonate when you come across them, record them. Whenever you see, hear, or feel something which lifts your heart, take note. Assemble these and paste them to a board. Place the board in a spot which you frequent daily. It is not necessary to read each word as you go about your business and come across your board. There is grace and magic in the identification.

This sets in motion a magnetic field drawing to you your hearts desire. The field of abundance which surrounds you has a hard time complying with your wishes when those wishes are foggy. Crystallize them through pictures and words and the universe sets to work manifesting abundance in your life. Try it, what have you got to lose? Or better yet, to gain?